Diverse Texts and Curricula

The Young Scholar Society fervently advocates for diverse texts and curricula.   It is a critical pedagogical practice for literature to reflect it’s readers. Read our colleague Jaqueline Stallworth’s article, Reflecting Readers and the Real World: Why curriculum diversity is a must in today’s classroompublished in the January/February 2017 edition of Literacy Today, a publication of the International Literacy Association.  For more of her writings, see her literary blog, The Big Sea.


Louisiana Businesses and Students Benefit from “Jump Start Summers”

Louisiana’s Department of Education seeks grant proposals from local businesses to further ensure the success of the Jump Start Program for high school students in the state. Students receiving stipends and academic credit simultaneously has become a welcoming and recent trend in Louisiana. Created by design, the Jump Start program and other educational initiatives are aimed at enhancing and upgrading the perception and condition of educational progress in the Bayou State. Read more here.

Petitions to Waive Student Assessment and Teacher Evaluations for Flood Affected Areas in Baton Rouge Area

With portions of Louisiana’s state assessment being tested exclusively online, several schools are petitioning for waivers from assessments and teacher evaluations due to flood-related trauma. At this time, Louisiana State Superintendent and the Governor’s Office are saying no.

Flood affected schools, students, and teachers argue preparation for online testing has been delayed due to issues with internet access, and access to technology. Class sizes have ballooned with children with two to three teachers instructing at the same time. Many teachers believe this setting is not conducive to satisfactory evaluations. Read more here.

Best Practices in Teaching

Preparation – Formulate lessons and teaching strategies in advance.  Think about having to prepare for the month, the week, and the day.  Preparation is the key to success. A strategy- https://www.edutopia.org/blog/7-step-prep-weekly-plan-maia-heyck

Motivation – Not only must motivation be sought out, but motivation also has to be given out.  Motivate yourself and your students.  Motivate them to meet your high expectations. Strategies and research- https://www.edutopia.org/blog/classroom-self-persuasion-david-palank

Gratitude – Be thankful.  The research on the benefits of gratefulness are abundant. Some research- https://www.edutopia.org/blog/gratitude-powerful-tool-for-classroom-owen-griffith

How does this translate into the classroom?

  • Complete and submit thorough lesson plans.
  • Greet and welcome students into your classroom.
  • Follow with consistency your classroom management plan.
  • Demand academic excellence during lessons. 
  • Demonstrate with-it-ness. Constantly walk around and monitor your classroom.  *The only time you should be sitting during a class is if you are sitting next to a student or group wherein you are providing them with scaffolds. 
  • End each class (and the day) positively.

Teach your heart out !