Louisiana Strong – Edustyle

I hope this post finds you in safe and dry settings. School is out for the rest of the week and I can’t help but wonder “How are we going to start all over again?” Procedures, classroom expectations, and schedules on repeat for teachers and students alike. But not only that, how are we to account for faculty/staff/students/parents/stakeholders mental state at this devastating and traumatizing time? The schoolhouse provides so much normalcy for our children and for us, the adults, too.

Q1: What was the scenario for you Friday, August 12 as you learned school was being closed?

Q2: Have you had any contact with administrators, fellow educators, parents, students, etc.? What has been the response?

Q3: How can we as educators continue to provide stability to our community as we always have, although our own lives have been drastically affected?

Q4: Does anyone else see the uncanny similarities to Hurricane Katrina? If children and teachers have to be displaced, how can we welcome them into our school climate?

Please comment below how you feel. I need this dialogue so much.


Jalissa Bates, M.A.