Discuss Here! James Baldwin “A Talk to Teachers”

Greetings educators,

We’ll use this thread for our discussion on James Baldwin’s essay “A Talk to Teachers.”

The questions are “How can I positively impact the education of AA students?” and “How do we sustain positive cultures, and how can we motivate and inspire students to learn?”

These questions provide a frame for our discussion; however, our discussion is not limited to these questions. Feel free to pose your own questions.



  • Set the tone and allow students to teach concepts to each other
  • Allow students to struggle with complex concepts. Intellectual frustration is necessary for growth
  • Be reflective of your teaching. Keep a reflection journal
  • Divide daily reflective journal entries into two sections – management and instruction. What worked?
  • Your students watch your every move, so give them a show. All the world’s a stage
  • Use instrumentals to alter the mood. Sometimes students (and teachers) need to be uplifted
  • Teach your students the concept of the autodidact

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Welcome Meagan K. Belvin

THE YOUNG SCHOLAR SOCIETY welcomes contributing writer, Meagan K. Belvin.  Meagan is a poet and writer and is active in community development. She received her Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies from Louisiana State University in 2015 with special concentrations in African American Studies, Sociology, and Leadership Development. She is a contributing author and was recently published in “America, The Beautiful: In Spite of It All!,”an exploration of cultural identities. Currently, Meagan is a Workforce Development Coordinator at a local nonprofit agency where she assists with resume writing and career planning, as well as facilitates trainings that teach employability skills. She is an active member of Greater Baton Rouge Society of Human Resource Management.