Best Practices in Teaching

Preparation – Formulate lessons and teaching strategies in advance.  Think about having to prepare for the month, the week, and the day.  Preparation is the key to success. A strategy-

Motivation – Not only must motivation be sought out, but motivation also has to be given out.  Motivate yourself and your students.  Motivate them to meet your high expectations. Strategies and research-

Gratitude – Be thankful.  The research on the benefits of gratefulness are abundant. Some research-

How does this translate into the classroom?

  • Complete and submit thorough lesson plans.
  • Greet and welcome students into your classroom.
  • Follow with consistency your classroom management plan.
  • Demand academic excellence during lessons. 
  • Demonstrate with-it-ness. Constantly walk around and monitor your classroom.  *The only time you should be sitting during a class is if you are sitting next to a student or group wherein you are providing them with scaffolds. 
  • End each class (and the day) positively.

Teach your heart out !