Louisiana Enters Phase One of New Skills For Youth Grant Opportunity

The state of Louisiana and 24 other states have been awarded phase one of the New Skills For Youth grant opportunity. The $100,000 grant is aimed to develop a “detailed career readiness action plan, an essential step to expanding economic opportunity for young people across our state.”

This grant is intended for high school students.

Louisiana State Superintendent of Education John White states, “These funds will be used to maximize the number of Jump Start graduation pathways available to students in high schools across the state, finding ways to help students earn industry-valued credentials that will help them attain entry-level employment in Louisiana’s most promising industry sectors.”

Read more at http://www.louisianabelieves.com/newsroom/news-releases/2016/03/30/louisiana-awarded-grant-to-assist-in-accelerating-statewide-implementation-of-jump-start.

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